Tuesday, 16 October 2018

MANTIS Festival 27 - 28 October 2018 - Guest artists: Brona Martin, Danny Saul, Dark Matter, Seed Studios

*** Concert 1: Saturday 27 October 18.00, John Thaw Studio Theatre, University of Manchester UK ***

Daichi Sugimura: Watertrails 
Sarah Keirle: Blue Lungs 
Chris Keogh: Les Espaces d'Abraxas 
Harry Ovington: The Chattox Dem 
Guillaume Dujat: Divine Cut 
Hayley Suviste: NGC4993 
Kelly Jones: la caverne á l'intérieur 
David Berezan: Lightvessels 

*** Concert 2: Saturday 27 October 20.00, John Thaw Studio Theatre, University of Manchester UK ***
Hongshou Fan: The Verse of Autumnal Wind (Gavin Osborne, flute)
Falk Morawitz: 56Fe 
David Berezan: Unearthed 
Adriana Ruiz: La Fiesta del Diablo 
George Stenos Frantzios: Reconstruction 
Steve Summers: Small Incredibly Big Container 

*** Concert 3: Sunday 28 October 14.00, John Thaw Studio Theatre, University of Manchester UK ***
Dark Matter (BEER)
Brona Martin: Sowing Seeds 
Tasos Asonitis: Topology of a Groove
Hayley Hedges: Motion in Stasis 
Danny Saul: Exaggerations/Scenes

*** Concert 4: Sunday 28 October 19.30, Beer Nouveau, Brewery Tap 75 North Western Street, M12 6DY, ***

Music and performances by Luke Dobbin, Alex Cook, Epa Fassianos, Guillaume Dujat/Joe Beedles, Steve Summers, Connor Haynes, and more
*** Work from Seed Studios (Trafford) workshop participants running throughout the festival (room G16, Martin Harris Centre, University of Manchester ***