Friday, 8 December 2017

MANTIS Sonification Festival and NWCDTP Symposium Call for works

Data Sonification in Music Composition and Humanities Research
3-4 March 2018 - Manchester, UK
NOVARS, Manchester University, England

Submission deadline: 15 January 2018, 5pm GMT
What do molecules sound like? Are musical timbres encoded in DNA? Can social networks evolve audio?

NOVARS Research Centre solicits works for its symposium and concert series on artistic data sonification, exploring the methodologies and results emerging at the intersection of science and music.

Details of the event and how to submit are shown below.
The symposium will include keynote speaker/s, presentations on current sonification research, fixed media concerts, sound installations and live performances.

What are we looking for?:
We welcome submissions in the form of paper presentations and musical compositions from any creative artistic and scientific background. As a NWCDTP network collaboration, we especially encourage postgraduate students to apply, and welcome submissions from early career and independent researchers.

We encourage a broad range of submissions exploring the artistic and scientific use of sonification, with a special focus on the following sub-themes (although not limited to):
  • Sonification and social networks and metadata
  • Molecular sonification (sonification of chemical and physical systems)
  • Sonification of cryptocurrencies, blockchain and cryptography audio
  • Environmental data sonification
  • Aesthetics of sonification
  • Sonification from gesture recognition devices
  • Music and sports sonification
  • Sonification with Smart Cities data

Musical Works:
The Mantis festival will host 3 concerts (Saturday 6-7pm and 8-9pm, Sunday 2-3pm) and is calling for works for its main Saturday concert. Composers may submit one work in any of the following categories:
  • Works for fixed media with up to eight channels
  • Works combining live electronics and acoustic instruments (the organisation will not provide performers for the accepted submissions)
  • Audio-visual works
Duration: preferably under 12 minutes
Symposium paper sessions:
We encourage submission of paper presentations on one of the topics specified above (or related) using sonification as a key methodology for music composition or to gain insight into data using sonification in a non-music discipline. It is possible to accommodate extended sound demonstrations or full music pieces in the presentation, if desired. Paper sessions will be held Saturday the 3rd, 11am-5pm.

Symposium submission/registration Fee: There is no submission or registration fee.
Attendance: required.

Important: The organisation regrets not to be able to attend the costs of the transport, accommodation, etc for participants whose works were accepted. The organisation will not provide performers for the accepted submissions.

Method: Accepted submissions via or dropbox only.

 All submissions must include: 
- Contact details of the participant (e.g. name, email, affiliation if any).
- 300 word biography of the main applicant and also for other attendees (e.g. performer)
- Technical Requirements (*)

Music and audio-visual submissions: 
- Music only in stereo wav, aif or flac format (e.g. 48 kHz/ 24 bit). Multichannel submissions accepted but needs to also provide a stereo reduction. Audio-visual submissions only on .mov or vimeo link
- 300 words about the piece – please tell us how it relates to the symposium theme of sonification

Paper Session submissions: 
Provide a 300-word abstract. Full papers also accepted but you need to make clear the main topics being connected / discussed.

(*) Technical Requirements:
- The concerts will run using the MANTIS System (up to 24 channel genelec surround). We also provide video projection, mixing console, microphones, cabling and equipped room for the ‘paper’ sessions.
- In case of live performances composers / performers should bring all additional gear necessary to realise their works (e.g. computers, sound cards, etc) and provide a detailed stage map. 

Review Panel: 
Staff and PGs at NOVARS Research Centre