Tuesday, 7 November 2017

MANTIS FESTIVAL - Special Edition - @ New Music North West. 13 November 2017

The MANTIS (New Music North West) concert programme on 13 November 2017 @ 5 pm features some of the works from the recent Festival, as well as new additions as follows:

Après moi, la pluie (2017)                                                      Guillaume Dujat
Lescun (2017)                                                                        Sarah Keirle
Rondo on Canvas (2017)                                                       Chris Keogh
Offshore (2017)                                                                      David Berezan
Finland, as experienced by the sea (2017)                            Falk Morawtiz
Kinesis (2017)                                                                        Hayley Suviste
Study for White Noise and Sine Tones (2017)                       Seth Scott
The Accusation Live (2017)                                                   Stephen Summers

13 November 2017
Starts: 17:00 13 Nov 2017
Ends: 18:00 13 Nov 2017
What is it: Music concert
Organiser: Martin Harris Centre
How much: Free

Who is it for: University staff, Adults, Current University students, General public.

This event is presented as part of New Music North West 2017, a major festival showcasing new music in our region. Full details of the Festival can be found here: www.rncm.ac.uk/festivals/new-music-north-west