Wednesday, 21 September 2011

MANTIS Festival Fall 2011

picture by Sam Salem
MANTIS Fall Festival 2011
28 - 30 October
Cosmo Rodewald Concert Hall
University of Manchester

October 28, 19.30;
October 29, 18.00 and 19.30;
October 30, 14.00;
@ Cosmo Rodewald Concert Hall, Manchester UK
+ off-Mantis concert (in Manchester City)

Featuring guest artists Andrew Lewis, Adrian Moore, Hans Tutschku, David Eagle, Chikashi Miyama and Psappha. Works by MANTIS composers (students, Ricardo Climent and David Berezan) will also be featured, including the UK premieres of David Berezan's buoy (5.1 channels, 10 minutes) and Thumbs (8-channels, 12 minutes), both composed in 2011.

DETAILS: Electroacoustic music by local, UK and international guest artists, presented using the MANTIS 56-loudspeaker sound diffusion system.

28 October 19.30 Andy Lewis and Adrian Moore
Stunning acousmatic works in a concert co-curated by Moore and Lewis.
  • Lewis: Benllech Shells 9'
  • Lewis: Ascent 12'
  • Lewis: Dark Glass 10'
  • Moore: 3Pieces: Piano 9' 30
  • Moore: Click' 6' 14
  • Moore: Junky 12' 13

Total: 59'
29 October 18.00 Psappha
Instruments and electronics works by Hans Tutschku, Chikashi Miyama, Dai Fujikura and Haruka Hirayama, performed by the University's contemporary ensemble-in-residence, Psappha.
  • Chikashi Miyama: Duo 9' piano and electronics
  • Haruka Hirayama: Septangle 9' piano and electronics
  • Dai Fujikara: Poison Mushroom 10' flute and electronics
  • Hans Tutschku: Zellen-Linien 20' piano and electronics

Total: 48'
29 October 19.30 MANTIS composers
New electroacoustic works by composers based at the University of Manchester, including the UK premiere of 2 multi-channel works by David Berezan.
  • David Berezan: buoy 10' 5.1-ch
  • Lee Fraser: Aerial Vapours 10' 2-ch
  • Brona Martin: New Work 5'
  • Peiman Khosavri: New Work 12' 8-ch
  • David Berezan: Thumbs 12' 8-ch

Total: 49'

30 October 14.00 MANTIS composers and guests
Including new works by NOVARS artist-in-residence David Eagle (Canada) and MANTIS composers
  • David Eagle: New Work 12' 24-ch
  • Danny Saul/Craig Burgess: New Work 12' Live
  • Constantin Popp/Hervé Perez: New Work 10' Live
  • Nacho Pecino: Autoverso 10' AV/Live
  • Mark Pilkington: New Work 10' AV

Total: 54'

£7.50/£5/£4 per concert
Special multi-concert rates:
£12/£8/£6.40 for 2 concerts
£18/£12/£9.60 for 3 concerts
£24/£16/£12.80 for 4 concerts


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