Monday, 30 May 2011

Interactive Installations & Drinks Reception

Where?: Cosmo Rodewald, Martin Harris Centre, MARTIN HARRIS CENTRE FOR MUSIC AND DRAMA, The University of Manchester, Bridgeford Street, Manchester M13 9PL
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16:00 - Project Launch (part 2) - Live Sound Installations (Live ambience sound by H.E.L.L.O and city interactive projects) / John Thaw studio theatre

17:00 - Drinks Reception (entrance to the drinks reception is free on production of a ticket for either of the concerts)

  • Aural Chandelier / H.E.L.L.O laptop interactive Orchestra by Manuella Blackburn and UCLAN-University of Central Lancashire/BAMP Futureworks School of Media. The Aural Chandelier is an automated audio installation that welcomes audience participation to alter subtle differences in the sound world via buttons and sliders on the laptop interfaces. The installation makes use of repeating short sounds that overlap and combine to create a shimmering and sparkling texture based on the analogy of reflecting and refracting shards of light from a chandelier. The installation was built for the city wide Night Light in Liverpool (13th May 2011) and premiered in a live laptop improvisation set with H.EL.L.O (Hope Experimental Live Laptop Orchestra) at the creative campus at Liverpool Hope.

  • Exploring the Dark Waters - Interactive installation by Andrew Garbett
    This is an interactive Installation which allows the audience to listen to some of the individual layers of the piece "From The Dark Waters" and to play them in any number of different combinations, creating their own version of the piece.

  • Laberinto a game-engine driven interactive installation by Ignacio Pecino
    “Laberinto” is a prototype for a spatial-sonic navigation tool, developed using a game engine technology , specifically, the Unity 3D Game Engine (although other options are also available). A “circular maze” scene is then proposed and a number of sonic spheres are displayed throughout the place, each of them containing a particular and characteristic sound which is played whenever the user gets close to it. Sounds are distributed in space according to their spectromorphological properties (note the graphic squeme), thus helping the user to find his path to the center of the maze. In addition, some pre-composed sections can be found in several strategic locations, contrasting with the visual monotony of the maze, and offering a more conventional electroacoustic miniature. In the given video example a “morphing” cube is displayed and sounds try to emphasise its “gestural” and spatial qualities. However, these pre-composed material could be also given a certain degree of interactivity in a future development. Once the user gets to the centre of the maze, a visual and sonic reward is achieved when a “whole” view of the maze is shown, while sounds are now reproduced simultaneously instead of linearly (in time). Therefore, the focus is now on the textural quality of the mix instead of sequential relationships.

  • Audioguides Poster MAP - NoTours Guide across manchester due on Saturday 11, June explained.