Monday, 30 May 2011

H.E.L.L.O Laptop Orchestra workshop

From 12 noon: Day Education Workshop @ NOVARS:
H.E.L.L.O ensemble (Hope Experimental Live Laptop Orchestra) to workshop maxmsp patches with a group of students from UCLAN-University of Central Lancashire/ Futureworks School of Media. Workshop outcomes to be presented as part of the 16:00 Live Sound installations
Workshop Leader: Manuella Blackburn (Liverpool Hope University)
Location: Studio Cluster @ NOVARS Research Centre [click for map]
(14 iMac Stations with Max5 and Digidesign soundcards)
H.E.L.L.O participants from BAMP Futureworks/UCLAN: Ben Marsden, Douglas Redfern, Marc Green, Daniel Goodwin, Carlo Ribeiro, Sam Pemberton, John Holmes, Douglas Redfern, Douglas Redfern, Ben Taylor, Joseph Wilson, Craig Burgess
Participants are welcome to bring their own city-scape recordings (high quality, short and edit when possible), in response to the MANTIS Festival theme Manchester Sonic-Metaontology.

Duration: 12:00- 14:15
  • 12:00 Studio induction (technical intro)
  • 12:15 Workshop starts
  • 14:15 Workshop ends
14:15-15:00 Setting up laptops for Sound installations (Cluster and John Thaw Theatre)

From 4 pm @ John Thaw Theatre- Ambience Sound Installation 'Aural Chandelier' with the H.E.L.L.O Laptop orchestra and invited audience.

Aural Chandelier Interactive Installation (with H.E.L.L.O)
The Aural Chandelier is an automated audio installation that welcomes audience participation to alter subtle differences in the sound world via buttons and sliders on the laptop interfaces. The installation makes use of repeating short sounds that overlap and combine to create a shimmering and sparkling texture based on the analogy of reflecting and refracting shards of light from a chandelier.
The installation was built for the city wide Night Light in Liverpool (13th May 2011) and premiered in a live laptop improvisation set with H.EL.L.O (Hope Experimental Live Laptop Orchestra) at the creative campus at Liverpool Hope.

Manuella Blackburn was born in London in 1984. She went on to gain a bachelors degree in Music at The University of Manchester followed by a Masters in Electroacoustic Composition, gaining a Distinction and the Peter J Leonard Composition Prize. She has completed a PhD at the University of Manchester with Dr Ricardo Climent's supervision, supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC). Manuella is now as a lecturer in music technology at Liverpool Hope University.

Successes include First Prize for her work Vista Points in the 10th Musica Viva Electroacoustic Music Competition, 2009, Portugal, and Grand Prize in the Digital Arts Awards, Japan for Kitchen Alchemy. She has received Honorary Mentions in the CMMAS competition in Mexico and in the VII CIMESP (Concurso Internacional de Musica Eletroacustica de Sao Paulo 2007. Other awards include First Prize for her acousmatic work, Causal Impacts, in the 7th Musica Viva Electroacoustic Competition 2006, Portugal 2nd Prize in the Diffusion Competition, Limerick, Selection in the 2006 Bourges International Electroacoustic Music and Sonic Arts Competition, and the Public Prize in the CEMJKO competion in Brazil.