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Saturday 11th June 2011
AudioGuide meta-ontology Tours - Cities@manchester
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Single Tour times: starting at 16:00 (approximate duration 90 minutes - as tested on Wednesday 8th of June)

MANTIS first ever Audioguide Tour in Collaboration with NoTours, Escoitar and Cities@manchester

Fancy to know your city through sounds rather than visuals? Then this event is for you.
Six MANTIS composers and NOVARS Resident Artists have joined forces to create the first ever MANTIS Audioguide Tour.
This prototype experience (hopefully more to come!) will present a number or compositions and soundwalks across Manchester's city centre.

Our walks around the City Centre of Manchester present in a creative way a number of Sonic Experiences: For example, a contemporary sound version of 1819's 'Peterloo's massacre', recreated by Mark Pilkington, a 'Manchester bus sonic experience' by Brona Martin, Ricardo Climent will propose you 'Hu', or how to solve a radiophonic puzzle in China Town, Manchester, a visit to Piccadilly Gardens Experience to 'improvise' with non existing street musicians, and a 'sonic walk alongside the Canal' with composer Suk Jun Kim

Recommendations for participants:
To avoid unnecessary risks and to ensure a confortable tour:
- Bring suitable shoes for the trip (e.g. the canal way may be slippery)
- Bring a telescopic umbrella. The weather seems patchy and although the audioguides are protected with pelicans or similar, you may get wet.
- Bring your own headphones if you like, however, we have tested the pieces with our models, which are optimum for a the type of sound and smartphones we have. The Notours application pushes the guide volume to a steady level to avoid unwanted changes of dynamics; either too high or too low).
- Unfortunately we cannot use your own smartphone this time around. Perhaps in the future.

Audioguide Tours in Manchester

Peterloo (2011) Mark Pilkington

A 5.1 acoustmatic piece based on the historic event that happened in Manchester UK in 1819. The piece is a sonic reflection of the events that unfolded on that fateful day in August. A peaceful social protest of 60,000 people gathered at St. Peters field Manchester to represent to the nation that ordinary people had the right and ability to discuss social reform issues in public. A political standpoint for citizenship, that would inspire a change that would give people the right to vote for political change. Unfortunately what transpired was a miscarriage of justice in which the local authority ordered troops to disperse the crowd resulting in the Peterloo Massacre in which 15 people lost their lives and 300 people were injured. The piece is in-respect to the people who died on that day and the effects it had on changing the face of political balance within the UK as we know it today. With the help of historian Robert Poole, University of Cumbria and the Peoples Museum Manchester, I have managed to acquire historical factual information in order to accurately convey the sound events as they happened. The sonic material are transformations of recordings made at the recent students protest that happened in Manchester 2011.

'sonic walk alongside the Canal' with composer Suk Jun Kim:

I arrived at Telgwahve, which in the tongue of Hasla means "Weeping River"...

Ducks in Chinatown

'MANCHESTER BUS SONIC EXPERIENCE' by Brona Martin was created to connect the listener to the busy city environment that surrounds us here in Manchester. Recordings from many bus journeys throughout the city were used and manipulated in a way that brings the listener closer to these sounds. This augmented sonic experience will allow the listener to get inside and connect with the sounds that we tend to ignore on our daily journeys throughout the city, such as the tones and rhythmic patterns of a bus. This piece represents the various layers that may often be hidden or ignored amongst the daily soundscape of a bus journey.