Saturday, 18 October 2008

MANTIS 08: 1st Anniversary of NOVARS / 10th Edition of MANTIS

MANTIS (Manchester Theatre in Sound) celebrates its 10th festival series in 4 years, the 1st anniversary of the NOVARS Research Centre for Electroacoustic Composition, Performance and Sound Art, with a weekend of electroacoustic concerts featuring the MANTIS 40-loudspeaker sound diffusion system, at the Martin Harris Centre.


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Invited Guest (*) and Artists in Residence at NOVARS participating:
Annette Vande Gorne (*) (Belgique) - concert and workshop
Joao Pedro Oliveira (commissioned work) - (Portugal)- Thanks to Caloste Gulbenkian Foundation - world premiere
Thomas Bjelkeborn - (Sweden) - Thanks to the Helge Ax:son Johnson Foundation
Pippa Murphy (UK) - Delia Derbyshire Sonic Documentary

Sound Installations guests :
Iain McCurdy - (Belfast) -
David Butler (UK) / Camilo Salazar - (Colombia) -> Delia Derbyshire Archive

Selected Composers from the Call for works:
Jonas Valfridsson
James Carpenter
Felipe Otondo
Volker Hennes
Gilles Gobeil
Martin Bedard
Panayiotis Kokoras

Invited Performers :
Instrumental performers liaised by Vaganza (Richard Whalley) Naomi Burrell - violin
- Tom Spencer -violin
- Tom McKinney -guitar
- Naomi Lewis -harp
Gavin Osborn- Flute & Electroncis (former director of KAIROS Electronic Ensemble)

Four Concerts
- Friday 31 October 08 @19:30 - NOVARS composers Concert
- Saturday 1st Nov 08 @18:00- A. Vande Gorne's curated concert
- Saturday 1st Nov 08 @19:30 - Guest invitees and NOVARS composers Concert
- Sunday 2nd Nov 08 @14:00 - Call for Works Concert
Sound Installations and Sonic Documentaries
- Pendulum by Iain McCurdy (all festival)
- Delia Derbyshire sonic Documentary (from Friday 6 pm to Sat 7 pm)

Spatialisation Workshop Sunday morning (12 noon ) with Annette Vande Gorne